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  • Saving your Data & Web Developer Questions(3)
1. SPOT Shared Page API and XML Feed Information

SPOT API Support: api_support@findmespot.comCurrent API information:- If you are using this API for commercial purposes be aware that it is not provided for that purpose. Availability and up-time may not meet your commercial needs.  SPOT has a purch ...

2. Embedding a SPOT Shared page in your WebSite using an iframe

IFrame (from "Inline Frame") is an HTML element which makes it possible to embed an HTML document inside another HTML document. The size of the IFrame can be specified in the surrounding HTML page, so that the surrounding page can already be presen ...

3. Embedding the SPOT Live Map Widget (version 2.0) in your WebSite

The SPOT Live Map Widget is a JavaScript widget that can be embedded into the client's website. It retrieves the 50 most recent messages from the SPOT API via an AJAX call for a given public shared page feed id. These public share pages can be create ...