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21. Who should I list as my contacts for Roadside Assistance?

The recommendation is to use your cell phone as your roadside primary contact and someone not traveling with you with knowledge of your trip/itinerary as your roadside secondary contact.SPOT Assist Roadside Service is currently available only in the Unite ...

22. Can you walk me through the SPOT Assist Roadside Service process I would experience?

Example of service process (If NSD is able to reach primary# - in cell coverage)Help pressed by customer.NSD calls primary and secondary #, if necessary the home # from registration.Verify #, verify identification, verify if you are in safe location, ver ...

23. What do I need to do to make sure my unit is ready for operation to dispatch Roadside Assistance?

Due to the nature of the GPS system, you will need to get a GPS fix the first time you use your unit, after more than two weeks, anytime you change your batteries and anytime you travel more than 600 miles (965 km). It is strongly recommended that you do ...