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21. Can I call a phone number to get my Roadside Assistance Services?

The Toll-Free Number 866-367-0798 can be used by the primary subscriber only and requires eligibility verification. If not the primary subscriber, request Roadside Assistance utilizing the “HELP” button or you must pay the cost of service. To verify e ...

22. Who should I list as my contacts for Roadside Assistance?

The recommendation is to use your cell phone as your roadside primary contact and someone not traveling with you with knowledge of your trip/itinerary as your roadside secondary contact.SPOT Assist Roadside Service is currently available only in the Unite ...

23. Can I use the SPOT Messenger inside of my vehicle?

Yes. For normal usage place your unit horizontal on the dash, logo side up, slightly tilted towards the glass to ensure the signal is going through the glass, and not blocked by the roof. Experiment by sending Test Messages to ensure your placement is all ...