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21. What happens if Roadside Assistance service cannot be dispatched or is on a cash basis?

In the event that you are eligible for Roadside Assistance, but such service is either 1) not-dispatched, or 2) provided on a cash-basis; you will be able to follow the NSD guidelines to submit any eligible costs of such Roadside Assistance services to NS ...

22. What are the typical response times for Roadside Assistance?

Response times are normally under two (2) hours but can vary depending on the remoteness of your location, the weather and current towing call volume. During natural disasters or other area-wide emergencies, the local authorities (not NSD) will prioritize ...

23. What do I need to do to make sure my unit is ready for operation to dispatch Roadside Assistance?

Due to the nature of the GPS system, you will need to get a GPS fix the first time you use your unit, after more than two weeks, anytime you change your batteries and anytime you travel more than 600 miles (965 km). It is strongly recommended that you do ...