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11. Are there different models or generations of hardware/software? Or are all units the same?

There are currently two different SPOT Satellite Messengers. The SPOT Personal Tracker and the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. The latter is smaller and lighter and offers enhanced functionality. For more information please see http://www.findmespot.com. Pe ...

12. Will I see a renewal notice for my account?

Please see the SPOT Terms and Conditions for all subscription details. All plans auto renew with the credit card used at service activation on file with no previous notice. This occurs 12 months after your service activation for 1-year plans or 24 months ...

13. How can I change the time? My TimeZone is not set correctly.

You can modify the default time zone for your SPOT account. Log into your account on https://login.findemespot.com. Click on the Settings & Billing tab and under the Time Zone section, click on Update. The Time Zone section will expand and you can ...

14. Why may some contacts not receive email notifications for OK and HELP messages?

Some email providers block messages if the sender is not in your contacts' address book. Try having your contacts add noreply@findmespot.com into their address books. Some email providers or corporations have spam filters that may be blocking messages. To ...

15. I have received a promotion code. Where do I use it?

Depending on the nature of the promotion, you will be required to enter the promotion code during either the online purchase or online activation steps. By stepping through the processes you will eventually be presented with a text box to enter your promo ...

16. My cellular provider is not listed in the SMS drop down, how can I send my SPOT messages to my phone?

Please call your cellular provider and find out what the ##########@provider.net address for your phone is and then add it as an email destination under your contacts list.

17. I don't want to input my credit card online. Do I have to?

SPOT service does require that you maintain a credit card on your account. The only way to input the credit card is via the online account registration process. This section does use https://security internet protocol and VeriSign certificates.

18. Why am I required to enter a credit card when activating even if I received a service certificate?

When purchasing a service certificate you are charged for the price of the service and not the applicable tax. When the service code is activated during the registration process, the user will be required to put in their credit card and they will be charg ...

19. Can I change my SPOT login user name?

No. You can not change your user name to log in at https://login.findmespot.com. Once it is created it is permanent. Please be careful when selecting your user name when setting up your unit.

20. How do I edit my personal contact or billing information?

To edit personal settings and billing information, please click on the Settings & Billing tab in your My Account. Under this tab you have the following options: Password Settings, Time Zone Preference, Credit Card Information, Customer Information, ...