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1. What is Movement Alert and how do I activate it on my SPOT Gen3?

Movement Alert allows you to use your SPOT Gen3 for asset tracking. When you opt-in for Movement Alert, you will receive notification by email or SMS if your SPOT Gen3 detects motion. Movement Alert turns on after your device is stationary for longer than ...

2. Is track spacing dependent upon location in the world?

No. Spacing between track messages does not change based upon your location in the world. Satellite service is wireless and requires a clear line of sight toward the satellite; therefore, the service is inherently subject to transmission and reception lim ...

3. How should SPOT be positioned for best accuracy and results?

The satellite antenna lies directly under the SPOT logo. For best results, position the unit so the SPOT logo is facing up towards the sky in a horizontal position with a clear view of the sky. For tracking, try securing your SPOT on top of the shoulder s ...

4. What features on SPOT can be in use at the same time?

Tracking and Check-In or Custom Message Mode can be activated at the same time with SPOT Gen3. The device will interleave the messages. Only one message mode (Check-in or Custom Message) can be active at one time.SOS mode will deactivate all other modes. ...

5. My SPOT device does not work properly near airports or when I have another GPS device close by.

SPOT accepts interference from other electronic devices and should not be used in proximity to anything that generates strong electrical fields such as airports, radio towers, other GPS devices, etc.

6. Can I send a message to indicate that I have started tracking?

Tracking itself does not send a message to any contacts. Only OK and Help send your message to a pre-designated list of contacts. Tracking records your way points approximately every 10 minutes under your account at https://login.findmespot.com account an ...

7. How do I cancel tracking messages on my SPOT Gen3?

To stop sending track messages, press and hold the Track button until the light blinks red or power off SPOT.

8. How does SPOT Gen3 prioritize Tracking Messages and help/SOS functions?

Help and SOS are prioritized over Tracking - if you press the Help or SOS buttons while tracking, SPOT will cancel any unsent messages and begin sending Help/SPOT Assist or SOS messages.

9. What is Motion-Activated Tracking?

SPOT Gen3 tracking is smarter than ever! A built in vibration sensor sends tracks only when you are moving. When the device is stationary for more than five minutes SPOT Gen3 will enter Suspended Track mode. SPOT Gen3 will automatically send, at least, on ...

10. Can I use the SPOT Gen3 inside of my vehicle?

Yes. For normal usage place your unit horizontal on the dash, logo side up, slightly tilted towards the glass to ensure the signal is going through the glass, and not blocked by the roof. Experiment by sending Test Messages to ensure your placement is all ...