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11. How quickly will a message go out after pushing a button?

Once you have acquired a GPS fix, messages typically send out to their destination in 2 to 5 minutes.Please keep in mind that even when the SPOT system sends messages, message delivery is dependant on the status of your providers SMS and email networks. T ...

12. Is SPOT water resistant?

SPOT has been designed and tested to survive the harshest environments. That includes water, which means that SPOT is water resistant. SPOT is tested to IPX7, water resistant to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. In addition, SPOT must remain watertight o ...

13. Is the tracking capability of SPOT limited if carried inside a backpack? Should it always be carried on the outside of my gear?

Since SPOT is a satellite-based product it needs to see the sky to operate reliably. Having SPOT in a top pocket where it still faces the sky and is only obstructed by things such as a mesh layer or a thin layer of fabric is fine. This also provides a sec ...

14. Is track spacing dependent upon location in the world?

No. Spacing between track messages does not change based upon your location in the world. Satellite service is wireless and requires a clear line of sight toward the satellite; therefore, the service is inherently subject to transmission and reception lim ...

15. How should SPOT be positioned for best accuracy and results?

The satellite antenna lies directly under the SPOT logo. For best results, position the unit so the SPOT logo is facing up towards the sky in a horizontal position with a clear view of the sky. For tracking, try securing your SPOT on top of the shoulder s ...

16. Can the unit be plugged in to an external power source?

Yes. SPOT Gen3 can be line powered through a 5v USB connection. Using USB line power will NOT charge rechargeable batteries inside the unit and SPOT Gen3 is not waterproof when connected to line power.

17. How should I clean my SPOT Gen3?

Follow these general rules when cleaning the outside of your SPOT:Make sure the power is OFFUse a damp, soft, lint-free cloth and avoid excess moisture near buttons or openingsDo not use aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol or abrasivesDo not attempt to open ...

18. How do I test my SPOT Gen3 before I leave for a trip?

SPOT performs a self-diagnostic test each time it is powered on. SPOT recommends that you send and verify a Check-In message before each trip. This also allows you to evaluate your entire messaging system, from the operational condition of the SPOT to the ...

19. How do I cancel tracking messages on my SPOT Gen3?

To stop sending track messages, press and hold the Track button until the light blinks red or power off SPOT.

20. How does SPOT Gen3 prioritize Tracking Messages and help/SOS functions?

Help and SOS are prioritized over Tracking - if you press the Help or SOS buttons while tracking, SPOT will cancel any unsent messages and begin sending Help/SPOT Assist or SOS messages.