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1. Do undeliverable messages, when device is off for 72 hours, count toward your messages?

No, it has to go over the satellites to count and this is sent to your email.

2. Can you send a message to someone on your blacklist?

Yes; but you won’t get their reply.

3. Can I disable the SOS feature from the main menu?

Yes, SOS can be disabled from the main menu. Once it is disabled from the main menu, the SOS function can only be initiated by physically pressing the SOS button. ...

4. How does international SMS messaging work?

At this time, there are no additional fees for SMS texting. Globalstar reserves the right to change this policy.

5. Can I re-enable the SOS feature from the main menu?

Yes. Simply select System Settings and then select Enable Screen SOS.

6. How long does it take to fully charge the SPOT X?

4 hours using the wall charger we provide. It takes longer to charge on the computer.

7. When you receive a message, does it deduct from your message count if you do not open the actual message?

Yes; if you received it or you sent it, it counts. Obviously, not if you are on the unlimited plan.

8. How long will the power light blink green before going idle?

5 minutes. It will blink unless it’s in sleep mode/idle mode or turned off.

9. How current is the text message use counter in the online SPOT account?

Within 1 hour.

10. How long does the device take before it powers off if you do not activate a feature?

It doesn’t power off; it goes into sleep mode/idle mode after 5 minutes.