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11. Can I re-enable the SOS feature from the main menu?

Yes. Simply select System Settings and then select Enable Screen SOS.

12. Can I disable the SOS feature from the main menu?

Yes, SOS can be disabled from the main menu. Once it is disabled from the main menu, the SOS function can only be initiated by physically pressing the SOS button. ...

13. Do undeliverable messages, when device is off for 72 hours, count toward your messages?

No, it has to go over the satellites to count and this is sent to your email.

14. Can you send a message to someone on your blacklist?

Yes; but you won’t get their reply.

15. How many waypoints can you have?


16. Are messages to GEOS counted against your service plan?


17. When an SMS message fails to send, is it added to a queue for the next fetch so the message can eventually send?

If it’s not sent within 20 minutes (multiple attempts – an initial attempt and 3 subsequent attempts), it will be marked not sent. It will not be in the queue to be auto sent. ...

18. Is there a way to import waypoints from a file into a SPOT account, which then can be sync’d with a SPOT X?