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21. How do I charge my SPOT Global Phone battery?

The SPOT Global Phone battery can be charged in your phone by using the included wall charger or by using the optional vehicle charger. You should always carry a backup battery. What is the battery life of the SPOT Global Phone ...

22. What type of satellite network does the SPOT Global Phone use?

SPOT uses a commercial LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite constellation.

23. Which commercial satellite network does the SPOT Global Phone use?

SPOT uses the second-generation Globalstar network. Globalstar is the first mobile satellite service provider to successfully launch and deploy a second-generation satellite constellation.   

24. SPOT Global Phone Tips & Tricks

Here are some important SPOT Global Phone Tips & Tricks to rememberMake sure the phone has a clear view of the sky away from obstructions like tall buildingsFor best reception, antenna must be rotated, fully extended and pointed toward the skyMake a t ...

25. How do I setup and access voicemail on my SPOT Global Phone?

To set up voicemail the first time on your SPOT Global Phone: Call your number from any touchtone phone Dial 1 when you hear the greeting
 If prompted, enter the temporary password 12345 Follow the promptsAfter initial setup, if someone leaves a voice ...