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11. Why can't I enter my auth code?

If you are not able to enter your auth code into the SPOT Device Updater we recommend you try the following:•    Ensure you are using the cable that came with the SPOT device.•    Try a different micro USB cable as some c ...

12. How do I know that the message was sent?

When you send a message from your SPOT Gen 3 the flashing LEDs indicate whether or not satellite communications are successful.  Green flashing LEDs indicate that your device has successfully acquired your location and the SPOT is sending a message.& ...

13. How do I know that I can depend on the SOS feature working when I really need it?

The SOS feature of the SPOT Gen 3 is the highest priority message sent from the device.  When initiated, the SOS message transmission takes priority of all other messaging schedules.   When SOS mode is initiated, the SPOT will acquire GPS c ...

14. How do I use message profiles?

Message profiles allow you to have different messages and contacts configured to your device based on your activity or the individual using a SPOT device.To access and manage your message profiles, log into your SPOT account and select the My Devices tab. ...

15. How many contacts can I have notified when I send a message?

You may have up to 10 contacts notified when you send a message. The contacts can be only email, only SMS or  a mix of the both, but not over 10 contacts.

16. Will my device work without the firmware update or device sync?

Your SPOT Gen 3 is shipped with the factory default settings.  After the activation of a SPOT Gen 3, the SPOT website may offer you the option to configure your device.  Depending on how you will use your device and the settings you have selecte ...

17. I sent a message from my SPOT and have already received it, why is my device still transmitting?

SPOT devices are not able to confirm successful delivery of messages.  In everyday conditions it is expected for some messages to be blocked by environmental factors (trees, buildings, hills, etc).  Messages sent from your device will send multi ...

18. What apps are compatible with my device?

SPOT offers two different mobile applications that are available for Android and Apple iOS.  The SPOT Connect App is intended for use only with the SPOT Connect.For more information on the SPOT Connect, please visit:  https://www.findmespot.com/ ...

19. Is there a character limit for my Check-in/OK, Custom, and Help message?

You may customize the messages in your Check-in/OK, Custom, and Help messages from the device settings page in your SPOT account.  The character limit for messages is 110 characters.

20. Why does my device turn off?

The SPOT Gen 3 was designed with efficiency in mind.  As a means to ensure your device will work when you need it the SPOT Gen 3 will turn off after 1 hour of inactivity or one hour after completing a cycle of activity.