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21. How does SPOT Gen3 prioritize Tracking Messages and help/SOS functions?

Help and SOS are prioritized over Tracking - if you press the Help or SOS buttons while tracking, SPOT will cancel any unsent messages and begin sending Help/SPOT Assist or SOS messages.

22. How do I cancel tracking messages on my SPOT Gen3?

To stop sending track messages, press and hold the Track button until the light blinks red or power off SPOT.

23. How much does the SPOT Gen3 device weigh?

The SPOT device weighs 4.0oz (114grams) with Lithium batteries

24. How should I clean my SPOT Gen3?

Follow these general rules when cleaning the outside of your SPOT:Make sure the power is OFFUse a damp, soft, lint-free cloth and avoid excess moisture near buttons or openingsDo not use aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol or abrasivesDo not attempt to open ...

25. Is there a seasonal service plan?

At this time, there are no seasonal service plan options for the SPOT Gen 3.  However, we do offer two options for short term SPOT subscriptions.If you own a SPOT device check out SPOT On Demand.  SPOT On Demand is a short-term service plan for ...

26. How do I update my firmware?

The SPOT Device Updater software is required to sync your device and/or update the firmware of your SPOT device.  You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows or MacOS with an internet connection.To download the SPOT Device Updater, you may vis ...

27. Why can't I enter my auth code?

If you are not able to enter your auth code into the SPOT Device Updater we recommend you try the following:•    Ensure you are using the cable that came with the SPOT device.•    Try a different micro USB cable as some c ...

28. How do I share my tracking with other people?

To share tracking in near real-time, we recommend creating a share page from within your SPOT account and sending the link to your contacts.  If you prefer to share your location information after you finish your trip, creating a SPOT Adventure will ...

29. How do I test my SPOT Gen3 S.O.S. ?

See attached file to display: 

30. How does tracking work?

Once you set your device to tracking mode, the SPOT Gen 3 will send an initial tracking message.  Your GPS location will be acquired and the message will be sent.  The next tracking message will be sent according to how the tracking interval is ...