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51. Battery performance

To obtain reliable performance use only AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92). For optimal performance, please try and utilize SPOT GEN3 in locations with a clear view of the sky with the logo side up. Extreme heat/cold and trying to send m ...

52. SPOT Gen3 User Manual

To download the English SPOT Gen3 User Manual, click here

53. Why am I not getting my email and/or SMS messages?

SPOT sends messages to your contacts when the Check-In/OK, Customer, or HELP buttons are pressed on an active unit with a clear view to the sky. There are a few different issues that could cause a disruption in message transmission:Make sure you have acti ...

54. How do I change my tracking interval?

SPOT Gen3's enhanced tracking services, Unlimited and Extreme Tracking, allow you to choose the rate of tracking that suits your adventures: 2 Ā½ minutes (with Extreme Tracking only)5 minutes10 minutes30 minutes60 minutesTo adjust the interval at which yo ...