What kind of battery life and performance can I expect from the SPOT Trace?
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For reliable performance, use AAA EnergizerTM Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92), NiMH rechargeable batteries, or line power. Using USB line power will NOT charge rechargeable batteries and is NOT waterproof unless using the custom USB cable (sold separately). A battery low text/email can be set up on the account. Colder conditions and extreme heat can impact battery life. Once a low battery message is received, go to your asset ASAP and replace the batteries. Non-lithium batteries will work with SPOT TRACE but are not recommended for optimal performance. Using non-recommended battery types may degrade the performance of your SPOT TRACE message transmissions.

SPOT TRACE performance and battery life may be degraded in operating environments where the SPOT TRACE GPS chip must take a longer time to acquire your asset's GPS location, such as trying to send a GPS location under dense foliage. For optimal performance, operate your SPOT TRACE with the logo pointed toward the sky and avoid metal obstructions.

SPOT TRACE is designed to be durable for outdoor use. Dropping the unit on hard surfaces (while not recommended) should not damage it, but can cause a loss of power and may damage the batteries. Power loss turns off your SPOT TRACE, stopping any current mode of operation. If dropped, perform a system test on the device by following the steps on page 6 of this guide. If the system test fails, replace the batteries. For instructions on replacing the batteries, click here.

State 100% Clear View of the Sky 50% Clear View of the Sky
Powered Off 24 Months 24 Months
Tracking Based on 24 Hours a Day
Intervals 100% Clear View of the Sky 50% Clear View of the Sky
60 Minutes ~ 52 days ~ 26 days
30 Minutes ~ 26 days ~ 13 days
10 Minutes ~ 17 days ~ 8.5 days
5 Minutes ~ 9 days ~ 4.5 days
2.5 Minutes ~ 7 days ~ 3.5 days
Tracking Based on 8 Hours a Day
Intervals 100% Clear View of the Sky 50% Clear View of the Sky
60 Minutes ~ 156 days ~ 78 days
30 Minutes ~ 78 days ~ 36 days
10 Minutes ~ 45 days ~ 22.5 days
5 Minutes ~ 24 days ~ 12 days
2.5 Minutes ~ 20 days ~ 10 days
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