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1. Can I still access my adventures from the "old" SPOT Adventures site?

If you’ve already created a SPOT Adventures account, you can access your past adventures and account profiles simply by signing in with your SPOT account username and password. If you had multiple old SPOT Adventures accounts, those will automatically b ...

2. Is SPOT Adventures free to use?

Yes. SPOT Adventures is a service that we provide free of charge to SPOT users.  If you have an active SPOT account, you can login to SPOT Adventures and use all the features of the site.  If you do not have a SPOT account, you can only view the ...

3. How do I create an adventure using my tracking data from my SPOT device?

Login to SPOT Adventures and click on "Create an Adventure," and give your adventure a title. You will then have the chance to make your adventure public or private and to choose the timezone for the Adventure by selecting a city nearby to your location. ...

4. Can I preview my adventures or edit them before publishing?

Yes, you can preview your entire adventure during the creation process. Or, you can create your adventure as private, and then come back later when you have time to complete the finishing touches to make it public.

5. When Creating an Adventure, how does "Get SPOT Messages" work?

“Get SPOT Messages” will automatically import all of the messages, tracks and waypoints sent from your selected SPOT device within the start and end dates of your Adventure and place them on the map. Your Check-in/OK and Help messages are imported as ...

6. How do I map my route manually if I do not have tracking data?

You can draw your trip using our Draw Tracks tool. A Track is a continuous line that is created by uploading your SPOT Track Progress messages. A Track can be created by selecting the drawing tool and clicking on the map where you would like the ...

7. How can I manually add Waypoints to my adventure?

A Waypoint is a point of interest that is created by uploading your SPOT messages such as Check-in/Ok, Help or custom messages. To add a Waypoint manually select the Waypoints tool and click on the map where you would like to place it. Click on the pencil ...

8. How do I add my photos and videos to my SPOT Adventures map?

To add media to your adventure map, you must first select the place where your photos or videos are stored such as: Picasa, Facebook, YouTube or your PC. From there, you may be asked to identify yourself (ie. login to your Facebook account), where you can ...

9. Can I create a map with no photos?

Yes. You can use SPOT Adventures as a database for all of your SPOT trip data at any time with or without photos and videos.

10. How long does my adventure data stay on my SPOT Adventures account once created?

Your Spot Adventures data will remain on the server and will not be deleted even if you deactivate your SPOT account.  However, you will no longer be able to sign-in to access the features and editing available through your SPOT account.