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1. Does SPOT Adventures work with other data or services?

Yes, Spot Adventures works with Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa. SPOT Adventures allows importing .GPX and .KML files generated by SPOT Devices. SPOT Adventures also allows importing of GPX files generated by other non SPOT devices, if ...

2. How do I send and receive messages through SPOT Adventurers?

You can send and receive messages to and from other SPOT Adventurers. To send a message click on the SPOT Adventurer's profile and select "Send a Message." To view your own messages, go to Manage Profiles and select your profile to see messages left to yo ...

3. What information does SPOT Adventures make visible from my profile?

Anyone can see your SPOT Adventures user details profile information. It is up to you what information you choose to add or if you prefer to share your adventures using a pseudonym.  

4. What privacy options are available for my Adventures?

You can make your trips public or private when creating and editing your adventures.  When an adventure is set to “public” it is searchable in the SPOT Adventures database and you can share the link with anyone you choose.   If your adv ...

5. I cannot login to my Spot Adventures account or I've been locked out

If you try to login unsuccessfully too many times, your account will be locked for security.  To unlock your account, please contact SPOT Adventures Customer Support: https://www.findmespot.com/en/contactus/index.php. ...

6. Can I still access my adventures from the "old" SPOT Adventures site?

If you’ve already created a SPOT Adventures account, you can access your past adventures and account profiles simply by signing in with your SPOT account username and password. If you had multiple old SPOT Adventures accounts, those will automatically b ...

7. How do I embed my adventure on my own blog or website?

Unfortunately, SPOT Adventures does not currently have the ability to embed to another site.

8. How do I 'Like' an adventure?

New to SPOT Adventures v2.1 is the ability to 'Like' others adventures. Now when you can show appreciation for the stories and travels of others with a big thumbs up my clicking on the 'Like this Adventure' text next to the Adventurers profile picture on ...

9. How do I export an adventure?

Login to your account. Click on Adventure List. Find the Adventure you would like to export in the list and click 'Export Trip'.

10. How do I search a Point of Interest?

When creating or editing an adventure, you can search for a point of interest on the map. Simply type in the name of a place or coordinates into the "Find Location" field above the map, choose the location you are looking for from the drop down menu and c ...