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21. Will I see a renewal notice for my account?

Please see the SPOT Terms and Conditions for all subscription details. All plans auto renew with the credit card used at service activation on file with no previous notice. This occurs 12 months after your service activation for 1-year plans or 24 months ...

22. If I already have another SPOT device, can I add a SPOT Connect to my account and use that for my SPOT Messaging?

Yes. You can add SPOT Connect or any other SPOT device to your existing account. However, in order to be active on the satellite network, each SPOT device must have its own service subscription. If you only want to keep one device active on your account, ...

23. Can I change my SPOT login user name?

No. You can not change your user name to log in at https://login.findmespot.com. Once it is created it is permanent. Please be careful when selecting your user name when setting up your unit.

24. Can I have more than one message profile?

A SPOT Message Profile is a way for you to personalize your OK and Help Messages and which friends and family those messages are sent to. You can set up multiple message profiles in your account. For example, you could set one message profile called "Busi ...