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1. I cannot login to my Spot Adventures account or I've been locked out

If you try to login unsuccessfully too many times, your account will be locked for security.  To unlock your account, please contact SPOT Adventures Customer Support: https://www.findmespot.com/en/contactus/index.php. ...

2. My OK messages are not arriving to my contact’s AOL email address. What should I do?

Some AOL users have had success getting messages to come through if they put noreply@findmespot.com in their address book. This tells the AOL junk mail filter that these messages are welcome.

3. How many HELP or OK contacts are allowed under each section?

You may add up to 10 unique email or SMS contacts to your OK list and 10 to your HELP list. Contacts can be any combination of E-mail and SMS.

4. I have created an account on the login.findmespot.com website, why does my username/password show invalid when I try to log in?

If the username/password indicate that they do not exist, the account may not have been created and "timed out" due to the length of time taken during creation. Prior to creating your account, make sure that you have all information necessary so that you ...

5. How do I reset my password?

Go to https://login.findmespot.com and click on "forgot your password". You will be asked for your user name and secret answer. Once both fields are answered, you can submit the page. SPOT will send you an email with your new password. From here, go to ht ...

6. Can I have more than one message profile?

A SPOT Message Profile is a way for you to personalize your OK and Help Messages and which friends and family those messages are sent to. You can set up multiple message profiles in your account. For example, you could set one message profile called "Busi ...

7. I've noticed several different documents that talk about confidentiality and privacy, which document covers what services?

The privacy policy available on http://www.findmespot.com applies to the main, unsecured section of our website.  Separate confidentiality policies apply to secured sections of the website (such as your login account) and other services (such as SPOT ...

8. Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. SPOT utilizes VeriSign certificates and the https:// protocol to secure your log-in account information, including your billing information. Once you have inputted your credit card it is displayed in 'xxxx' format where x's are used as placeholders f ...

9. I don't want to input my credit card online. Do I have to?

SPOT service does require that you maintain a credit card on your account. The only way to input the credit card is via the online account registration process. This section does use https://security internet protocol and VeriSign certificates.

10. Facebook “General Error” when attempting to Link your SPOT

If you are an Administrator of multiple Facebook pages, a "General Error" may occur when attempting to link your Spot messages to your Facebook account. This FAQ will show you how to remove yourself as an Administrator from Facebook. From the hom ...