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1. Are there different models or generations of hardware/software? Or are all units the same?

There are currently two different SPOT Satellite Messengers. The SPOT Personal Tracker and the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. The latter is smaller and lighter and offers enhanced functionality. For more information please see http://www.findmespot.com. Pe ...

2. Will my messages send if I do not have a GPS fix?

Help and 911 messages will transmit without a GPS fix, but OK and Tracking messages will not. Help and 911 messages were designed to transmit, even if not containing a GPS location, so that if you are using these modes prior to a HELP or 911 message, then ...

3. What type of antenna is inside SPOT? Patch or Helix?

SPOT has a patch antenna because it provides better wide range coverage than a helix. The antenna is located under the SPOT logo, and performs best when the SPOT logo is pointed straight up parallel to the sky.

4. What is the FCC ID number for SPOT?


5. What does it mean if the lights, OK and ON/OFF are not blinking together?

If the lights are not blinking in unison, it means that SPOT did not acquire its GPS location. Move SPOT to an area with a larger view of the sky, if possible. SPOT will attempt to send a 9-1-1 or HELP distress signal even without GPS, and will try again ...

6. How should SPOT be positioned for best accuracy and results?

The satellite antenna lies directly under the SPOT logo. For best results, position the unit so the SPOT logo is facing up towards the sky in a horizontal position with a clear view of the sky. For tracking, try securing your SPOT on top of the shoulder s ...

7. My SPOT device does not work properly near airports or when I have another GPS device close by.

SPOT accepts interference from other electronic devices and should not be used in proximity to anything that generates strong electrical fields such as airports, radio towers, other GPS devices, etc.

8. What format are the long/lat coordinates? Can they be sent in other formats?

The format used is WGS84. The product developers are aware of interest in other Long/Lat formats and are reviewing the possibility of implementation.

9. What do the green blinking lights mean?

When the lights blink in unison, the unit has a GPS fix. When they blink alternately, move a position with broader exposure to open sky. If you have had 180 degrees of open sky for 20 minutes or longer and your lights are blinking out of sync, your GPS ch ...

10. Can I send a message to indicate that I have started tracking?

Tracking itself does not send a message to any contacts. Only OK and Help send your message to a pre-designated list of contacts. Tracking records your way points approximately every 10 minutes under your account at https://login.findmespot.com account an ...