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21. What features on SPOT can be in use at the same time?

Help and 911 may be activated at the same timeOK messages may not be used in conjunction with any other feature. If you wish to activate Tracking, you must either wait for the OK cycle to complete or cancel it by turning the unit off and back on.Tracking ...

22. What format does SPOT use for its GPS coordinates?

SPOT uses the Global Positioning System datum: World Geodetic System 84, or WGS 84, expressed in the decimal degrees coordinate format. For example, SPOT headquarters in Covington, LA would appear as Latitude 30.43312 and Longitude -90.08694. To convert y ...

23. How far should other GPS devices be from SPOT to prevent signal interference?

Other devices should be at least 12 inches from SPOT to prevent distortion of GPS coordinates and interference with message transmission.

24. Can I use other batteries in an emergency with my SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger?

SPOT highly recommends that you use only non-rechargeable Energizerā„¢ Ultimate 8x AAA Lithium Batteries to achieve reliable performance.If you are in an emergency situation and you have alkaline or a different type of non-rechargeable AAA lithium battery ...

25. What format are the long/lat coordinates? Can they be sent in other formats?

The format used is WGS84. The product developers are aware of interest in other Long/Lat formats and are reviewing the possibility of implementation.

26. Can I send a message to indicate that I have started tracking?

Tracking itself does not send a message to any contacts. Only OK and Help send your message to a pre-designated list of contacts. Tracking records your way points approximately every 10 minutes under your account at https://login.findmespot.com account an ...