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1. Definition of Open and Closed Sensor Alerts

Definition of Open and Closed Sensor Alerts SummarySPOT HUG provides 4 dry contacts for external sensors. Two of the sensors are normally "Open" and the other two are normally "Closed". The open sensors are in alert state when the ci ...

2. What tools will I need for installing SPOT HUG?

The following tools are needed to install SPOT HUG:Power drillDrill bits to fit #6 screws#1 screwdriver to remove and reattach battery compartments on Keypad and Tracker#2 Philips head screwdriver for mounting bracketsCable crimper (Note: All wires will h ...

3. SPOT HUG User Guide

To download the user guide for the new SPOT HUG, click on download below.

4. What is the battery life of SPOT HUG?

Under normal usage, fully charged batteries should meet or exceed the following:SPOT performance and battery life may be degraded in operating environments where the SPOT GPS chip must take a longer time to acquire your GPS location, such as trying to sen ...

5. SPOT HUG Quick Start Guide

To download the quick start guide for SPOT HUG, click on download below. ...