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21. Tips to help send your first SPOT Check-OK message

Take SPOT outside and make sure it is well away from any buildings that might block signal to any horizon where the satellites might be at the time.Turn the unit on, wait 2 seconds and press, do not hold, the OK button and the light above it should begin ...

22. What is the battery life of SPOT Connect?

To obtain reliable performance use only AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L91). The Power LED on SPOT Connect will blink red when the batteries have less than 100 transmissions remaining. Colder conditions and extreme heat can impact battery lif ...

23. Tips for receiving your email and SMS notifications for OK and HELP messages

SPOT sends all North American email and SMS messages via email. This means to send a cell phone a text message, we email 1234567890@yourcellprovider.com and then they relay that to your recipients.Some email providers see noreply@findmespot.com and depend ...

24. SPOT Connect User Manual

To download the English SPOT Connect User Manual, click on download below

25. How do I send SPOT SMS messages to international mobile phones?

Non-USA or Non-Canadian Basic Service Plan CustomersIf you are on a SPOT Account that is not a North American Basic Service Plan, you might be wondering how SMS number contacts can be configured in your login account. SPOT messages sent to SMS numbers und ...

26. English and Multilingual SPOT Connect Quick Start Guide

To download the English and multilingual SPOT Connect Quick Start Guide, click on download below. ...