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31. How do I send SMS messages outside of North America?

SPOT uses Clickatell to distribute SMS messages to cellular phones outside of North America. While Clickatell has connections to over 900 cellular operators worldwide, they do not have a connection to all providers. Please check the link provided to see i ...

32. What is a "smartphone"? What devices does SPOT Connect work with?

What is a "smartphone"? What devices does SPOT Connect work with?A smartphone is generally known as "a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary feature phone" (Wikipedia). In addition, SPOT Connect even ...

33. When will SPOT Connect be available for Windows Phone platforms?

Spot LLC has decided not to proceed with a SPOT Connect app for Microsoft Windows Phone. Microsoft is not supporting 3rd party Bluetooth accessories for their phones. Spot LLC will focus on supporting and enhancing the Apple iOS and Android SPOT Connect a ...

34. Italian SPOT Connect User Manual

To download the Italian SPOT Connect User Manual, click on download below.

35. English and Multilingual SPOT Connect Quick Start Guide

To download the English and multilingual SPOT Connect Quick Start Guide, click on download below. ...