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1. How many times is the primary contact’s number attempted before the secondary contact is called?

The GEOS officer will call the primary contact once and if no answer will move on to the next person on this list. There are always two duty officers involved on any alert. One will call the people listed on the customer’s contact list while the other c ...

2. What is the step by step process once a SOS signal is received, both with and without gps signal?

Once your GPS location is obtained, SPOT sends your SOS message with GPS location. The GPS light and Message Sending light will both blink green. The Message Sending light continues to blink green until the next scheduled message to notify you that your m ...

3. Type & Send

Use the Type & Send feature to send custom SOS, Help and Check-in/OK messages.Let Them Know More with Type & SendType & Send allows custom messages to be created from your SPOT device that are delivered over the satellite network to emergency ...