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1. Where can I find a copy of my SPOT Global Phone bill?

Your monthly or annual SPOT Global Phone bill will be available in your SPOT Account. To login to your SPOT Account, visit https://login.findmespot.com. Choose the billing tab to review your bills. Please note, monthly service fees, overage charge ...

2. How do I update my SPOT Account profile, including my billing details?

To access your SPOT account online, visit https://login.findmeSPOT.com. You can make changes to your account profile at any time including updating your billing information. ...

3. How will my SPOT Global Phone charges appear on my credit card?

All SPOT Global Phone charges will appear on your credit statement from Globalstar. SPOT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar.

4. Why, when activating my SPOT Global Phone, was I not charged any taxes?

When you activated your SPOT Global Phone, you may have noticed that no taxes were charged at the time of activation. The taxes will be calculated post activation and will appear on your next month’s bill. The taxes will automatically be billed to you ...

5. How do I make a call with the SPOT Global Phone?

To make a call with the SPOT Global Phone, your phone must be activated and you must be outside, with a clear view of the sky.To place a call:Turn your SPOT Global Phone on The antenna must be rotated, extended and pointed straight up to the sky.To r ...

6. SPOT Global Phone Quick Start Guide

To download the SPOT Global Phone Quick Start Guide, click on "Download" below

7. Is there a video explaining how to use my SPOT Global Phone?

Yes. See below.

8. Accessing Your SPOT Global Phone Voicemail

From your SPOT Global PhoneEnsure that you have a clear view of the sky and away from any obstructions.Rotate and extend the antenna and turn your phone on.Dial *86 and press the Send button.You will now have access to your voice mail.From a Touchtone ...

9. How SPOT works?

SPOT products transmit short 1.5 second one-way messages on either 1611.25 MHz in North America and portions of Central America or on 1616.25 MHz throughout the rest of the world.  These frequencies are just above the GPS L1 frequency (1575.42 MHz) u ...

10. How can I determine if the SPOT device transmissions affect the aircraft’s navigation electronics?

Turn on the SPOT device and place it in Tracking mode. If the aircraft navigation system starts to have momentary interference issues at the same intervals that the SPOT device is transmitting Tracking messages, then the SPOT device must be moved or turne ...