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1. What format does SPOT use for its GPS coordinates?

SPOT uses the Global Positioning System datum: World Geodetic System 84, or WGS 84, expressed in the decimal degrees coordinate format. For example, SPOT headquarters in Covington, LA would appear as Latitude 30.43312 and Longitude -90.08694. To convert y ...

2. Why can't I enter my auth code?

If you are not able to enter your auth code into the SPOT Device Updater we recommend you try the following:•    Ensure you are using the cable that came with the SPOT device.•    Try a different micro USB cable as some c ...

3. Can I send a message while tracking?

While tracking with your SPOT you will be able to send Custom or Check-in/Ok messages.  If a Help or SOS message is sent from your device with tracking mode enabled, tracking will stop as the Help / SOS messages take message transmission priority.

4. How long will the SPOT Gen 3 track for?

The SPOT Gen 3 will track as long as movement is detected and the power source remains constant.

5. How will I know when my battery is low?

The SPOT Gen 3 power LED will intermittently flash red to indicate a low battery.  In addition, messages that are displayed in the My Locations page of your SPOT account will have a low battery icon in the status column.

6. How does tracking work?

Once you set your device to tracking mode, the SPOT Gen 3 will send an initial tracking message.  Your GPS location will be acquired and the message will be sent.  The next tracking message will be sent according to how the tracking interval is ...

7. When will I receive a movement alert?

Movement alerts are notifications sent from your SPOT device to your contact list indicating your device or asset is in motion.  Tracking mode must be enabled on your device.In order to receive a movement alert, the feature must be enabled from your ...

8. How much does the SPOT Gen3 device weigh?

The SPOT device weighs 4.0oz (114grams) with Lithium batteries

9. Can I use other batteries in an emergency with my SPOT Gen3?

SPOT highly recommends that you use either Energizer™ Ultimate 8x AAA Lithium or Energizer™ NiMH Rechargeable Batteries to achieve reliable performance.Other AAA batteries will work with SPOT but are not recommended for optimal performance.  Usin ...

10. How do I change my tracking interval?

SPOT Gen3's enhanced tracking services, Unlimited and Extreme Tracking, allow you to choose the rate of tracking that suits your adventures: 2 ½ minutes (with Extreme Tracking only)5 minutes10 minutes30 minutes60 minutesTo adjust the interval at which yo ...