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51. What is Movement Alert and how do I activate it on my SPOT Gen3?

Movement Alert allows you to use your SPOT Gen3 for asset tracking. When you opt-in for Movement Alert, you will receive notification by email or SMS if your SPOT Gen3 detects motion. Movement Alert turns on after your device is stationary for longer than ...

52. I sent a message from my SPOT and have already received it, why is my device still transmitting?

SPOT devices are not able to confirm successful delivery of messages.  In everyday conditions it is expected for some messages to be blocked by environmental factors (trees, buildings, hills, etc).  Messages sent from your device will send multi ...

53. Why does my device turn off?

The SPOT Gen 3 was designed with efficiency in mind.  As a means to ensure your device will work when you need it the SPOT Gen 3 will turn off after 1 hour of inactivity or one hour after completing a cycle of activity.

54. My SPOT device does not work properly near airports or when I have another GPS device close by.

SPOT accepts interference from other electronic devices and should not be used in proximity to anything that generates strong electrical fields such as airports, radio towers, other GPS devices, etc.