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1. Does S.O.S. work on a Flex plan during a period of suspension?

The S.O.S. feature will only be available on the device with an active subscription. The S.O.S. feature will not be available when the service is suspended.

2. Does the SpotX turn off if it's idle?

No, the device does not need to turn off to save battery. The SPOTX uses technology which allows it to use very little power when not actively sending messages or navigating.

3. How does the SPOT X compass work?

1. This is a true compass experience, unlike what is used on Smartphones. 2. Always points North. 3. Needle does not point to the direction you are heading towards. Instead, the needle always points North. 4. The Spot X Antenna should be pointing forward ...

4. Why did it take several minutes to send my messages?

The Spot X sends redundant messages to improve the delivery probability of those messages. This process may extend the amount of time a message is delivered but other variables may also delay the message delivery time like: Obstruction Spot X Antenna O ...

5. How do I know if my message was sent?

Your sent messages will be displayed in the Messages screen. The Check-In Message will not display the texts sent, but only the GPS coordinates and date/time it was sent. You also can view your sent messages in your SPOT MyAccount. Before heading off the ...

6. Does the S.O.S. message take priority in the messaging queue?

Yes, the S.O.S. message will always abort other messages in the messaging queue.

7. What is the character limit for email and text?

The maximum is 140 characters for email and text.

8. Where do I find my ESN and Mobile Device Number?

The ESN and Authorization Code can be found on the SPOT X device by selecting System Settings and scrolling to and selecting SPOT X Info. The ESN can also be found on the bottom of your SPOT X retail box or on the back of your device.

9. If sending 3 separate messages, how long will it take for the Spot X to send all messages?

The messages are sequential and as soon as Message 1 is acknowledged, Message 2 will start. If Message 1 is not acknowledged or the SPOT X does not receive the acknowledgement, it will continue sending Message 1 up to five times for redundancy to improve ...

10. How quickly does the message go out after pushing a button?

Once the device has acquired a GPS fix, messages are typically sent out to their destination in 2 to 5 minutes.