Where can I find more information on what countries the GEOS Member Rescue Benefit extends to?


The GEOS SAR entitlement extends to:
Entitlement will be extended to other geographic locations subject to acceptance by the GEOS Underwriters in writing, which will be provided after the application has been made, and if refused all premiums paid will be refunded.

The following geographic locations are excluded:
For details on how to apply for coverage in certain areas, what the GEOS Member Rescue Benefit covers or how to file claims, please see the GEOS Terms and Conditions here: http://www.geosalliance.com/sar/SAR-tsandcs.html (external website).

If you are unable to get specific information needed from the above info, link or the Spot LLC Customer Service Center, customers can call GEOS at the following toll free US number with any questions they may have regarding GEOS:

(888) 498-4554

Outside the US:
+1 (888) 498-4554

Or at the following email address: