What is the difference between Towing and Salvage?
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BoatUS establishes Towing-Ungrounding as “any operation not involving immediate peril to the boat or to a legally protected marine environment and requiring only one towing vessel with lines attached to the grounded boat to refloat it or to the disabled boat to tow it.” Salvage includes “any operation involving immediate peril to the boat, the marine environment or the use of special salvage equipment (pumps, airbags, dredging equipment, cranes, etc.”). For more information about the difference between Towing and Salvage, please click here.

Towing services are provided by TowBoatUS except in the following states – CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV & BC – where services are provided by Vessel Assist. Customers must have a US or Canadian address to purchase BoatUS towing service. Service does not include Puerto Rico.

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