How do I send SPOT SMS messages to international mobile phones?
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Non-USA or Non-Canadian Basic Service Plan Customers

If you are on a SPOT Account that is not a North American Basic Service Plan, you might be wondering how SMS number contacts can be configured in your login account. SPOT messages sent to SMS numbers under these plans are sent through a service that requires the country code of the destination number.

When adding an SMS contact in a profile, select the country of the number you are trying to add in the drop down menu. This selection will automatically provide the correct country code for the number you are going to enter. Enter the full phone number excluding country code just as the phone number field directions instruct. Keep in mind that some mobile numbers need you to drop or add digits when being called/texted. A third party website that offers good tips on how your mobile number would be dialed internationally is A good rule of thumb, is look how the number would be dialed from the United States.

For Example: Australia.

  • Choose Australia in the drop down country selection.
  • Mobile number for the subscriber looks like this:  0406 322 111
  • Drop the "0" prior to 406, as this is not required outside of Australia

Remember, please check all of your numbers to see how they would be dialed from within the USA and edit each one accordingly in your contact lists in your login account.

IMPORTANT: Although you may send to other international SMS contacts, the system does not allow entering North American (US and Canadian (+1 country code)) SMS contacts. We're sorry for this inconvenience. With this in mind, we still have you covered: Add a contact with any email address instead, no matter where the contact resides.

USA and Canadian Basic Service Plan Customers

At this time, you cannot send SMS messages to international mobile phone numbers.

For our customers in the USA and Canada, if you choose an SMS number as a message recipient in a contact group, cell carriers in North America allow us to convert it to an email that is receivable in an SMS format - so you never get charged SMS fees like elsewhere in the world. This is why SPOT asks for the carrier when you add a cellular contact. We do this all in an effort to reduce costs for your subscription. Please note that your contacts might be subject to an SMS message charge.

Because North American Basic Service Plans do not utilize a Cellular Aggregator, at this time you cannot add international SMS numbers to your message recipient contacts in your account. With this in mind, we still have you covered: Add a contact with any email address instead, no matter where the contact resides.

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