How do I setup and access voicemail on my SPOT Global Phone?
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To set up voicemail the first time on your SPOT Global Phone:

  • Call your number from any touchtone phone
  • Dial 1 when you hear the greeting

  • If prompted, enter the temporary password 12345
  • Follow the prompts

After initial setup, if someone leaves a voicemail message, your phone receives a voicemail notification and alerts you. To access your voicemail from your SPOT Global Phone, dial *86 and hit the Send key, and follow the prompts.

For an overview of all of the voicemail functions, refer to the attached Quick Start Guide.

If you have any issues with your voicemail, contact SPOT Customer Care at 1-866-OK1-SPOT

Quick Start Guide - English 0.2 Mb Download
Quick Start Guide - French 0.2 Mb Download
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