What is the difference between SPOT Global Phone 911 access and a SPOT Device’s SOS feature?
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In the event of a life-threatening or critical emergency, reach out to GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center by dialing 9-1-1 in the US & Canada. With GEOS, the SPOT product family has initiated more than 2,300 rescues worldwide.

The SPOT Global Phone allows you to talk directly with a live GEOS operator to provide details on the life-threatening situation.  You will need to provide GEOS with your location.  

A SPOT Messenger device’s SOS function will alert GEOS of your location but GEOS will rely on communication with your emergency contacts for additional details that may be pertinent to coordinating a rescue.

NOTE:  If you are using your SPOT Global Phone outside of the US & Canada, the 911 service will NOT be available. Please be sure to store an emergency contact number for the country or region you are travelling in.

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