What is the step by step process once a SOS signal is received, both with and without gps signal?
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Once your GPS location is obtained, SPOT sends your SOS message with GPS location. The GPS light and Message Sending light will both blink green. The Message Sending light continues to blink green until the next scheduled message to notify you that your most recent message was transmitted. If no GPS signal is found, the GPS light will blink red. If possible, you should move to a location with a clearer view of the sky. The first message will be sent within one minute after activation with or without your GPS location. For all subsequent messages, SPOT will keep looking for your GPS location for up to 4 minutes. The SOS message is sent every 5 minutes until cancelled or the power source runs out.


Press and hold the SOS button until the light blinks red. Let SPOT work until the SOS button stops blinking red to finish sending the cancellation message. The Message Sending light will blink green indicating it has sent the cancel message. Turning off your SPOT while in SOS mode DOES NOT send an SOS cancel message.

How SPOT prioritizes SOS

SOS messages are the top priority for SPOT. When you send an SOS message, your SPOT stops sending all other messages to allow for uninterrupted transmission of the SOS message.
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