911 SPOT Global Phone Service US
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911 Emergency Services Terms & Conditions applicable to GUSA subscribers and to subscribers of other Globalstar service providers roaming in GUSA's territory: GUSA has voluntarily established an Emergency Call Center, or "Referral Service." After February 11, 2005, the Emergency Call Center is a federal legal requirement under Section 25.284(a) of the rules of the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC"), 47 C.F.R. § 25.284(a). Under the FCC's rules, the Caller (defined as the GUSA subscriber or any other person using the subscriber's Globalstar phone with or without authorization) must provide his or her telephone number and physical location. GUSA does not have the ability to identify the Caller's location automatically as is the case with wireline telephones and certain cellular or PCS wireless telephones. Accordingly, the effectiveness of Referral Service depends largely on the accuracy of the information provided verbally by the Caller. Upon receiving a call identified as an "emergency," GUSA's Emergency Call Center personnel will redirect the call to an appropriate Public Safety Answering Point ("PSAP"). The Caller acknowledges and agrees, as a condition of its use of Referral Service that: (1) Referral Service is subject to the same limitations of coverage and network capacity as other uses of the Globalstar Service; (2) there can be no assurance that such service will be available at other times or in the same or other locations, nor can there be any assurance that such service will be available outside the customer's home territory; (3) the provision of Referral Service is subject to the limitations on liability and other limitations and provisions contained in the service subscription or telephone purchase agreement; (4) no action or claim whatsoever, whether seeking damages or any other remedy, will be brought against any of GUSA, its affiliates and their respective shareholders, directors, officers, employees and agents (collectively, "GUSA") or any third-party providers assisting GUSA to provide Referral Service, in respect of any death, injury, or loss to persons or property incurred by any person in connection with establishing, developing, implementing, maintaining, operating, and otherwise providing Referral Service, except for claims against any such party relating to the intentional or willful misconduct of such party; (5) no action or claim whatsoever, whether seeking damages or any other remedy, will be brought against GUSA or the third party providers in respect of any delay, in action, act or omission of police, fire or other emergency personnel contacted through Referral Service; and (6) calls placed using Referral Service will typically be recorded.

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