What is Movement Alert and how do I activate it on my SPOT Gen3?
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Movement Alert allows you to use your SPOT Gen3 for asset tracking.

When you opt-in for Movement Alert, you will receive notification by email or SMS if your SPOT Gen3 detects motion. Movement Alert turns on after your device is stationary for longer than the interval chosen. You can choose to set your Movement Alert interval to 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, or 12 hours. When SPOT Gen3 senses movement after this length of time, it will send a notification to your Movement Alert contacts, via email or SMS. You can choose to send Movement Alert notifications to up to 20 contacts.

Movement Alert is only available with Unlimited or Extreme Tracking services. To send Movement Alert messages your SPOT Gen3 must be in Track Mode.

You will need to update your device settings for the change to take effect. To learn how to update your device settings click here.

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