Re-linking SPOT to Facebook
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Facebook settings now require you to re-link your Facebook account and SPOT account every two months. To re-link your SPOT device to your Facebook account, please follow these directions.
  1. Unlink from the Spot UI (
    – Click on the Facebook icon from the My Spot Devices Page (or the view/edit from the Social Networks Column on that page – Click on "Unlink" from the Social Network page A message should appear that reads: Connection to your Facebook account was removed.
  2. Remove the "SPOT Device" app from the privacy settings in your Facebook account Click on Account Settings and Privacy Settings – Apps (Lower left) – Locate the app named SPOT Device under "Apps you use" and click "Edit" – Click "Remove app" – Click "Remove" on the box that pops up.
  3. Log out of Facebook.
  4. Link your Facebook from the Spot UI ( again.
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