How do I perform an initial system test for my SPOT Trace?
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After activating service and powering on SPOT Trace, perform an initial system test to evaluate: your messaging system, the chosen location of the unit (ensuring the unit has clear line of sight to the sky and can transmit messages) and profile settings.

Follow these steps:

  1. Turn SPOT TRACE on - press and hold the Power button; lights will illuminate.
  2. Power and GPS lights will blink green as the unit performs a self-test and starts the tracking process.
  3. Leave SPOT Trace outdoors. For the initial 20 minutes, the GPS light will blink green as SPOT Trace acquires a GPS fix. Once SPOT Trace acquires your GPS location, the GPS light will rapidly blink green to notify you that your message is being transmitted with your GPS location.
  4. Verify that the track point/location was received in your account at
  5. If the GPS light blinks red at anytime during self testing, the GPS location fix has failed and you should move your SPOT TRACE to a new location.
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