How do I mount the SPOT Trace?
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Follow these instructions to properly mount your SPOT Trace:

  • Use the reversible mounting bracket, double sided industrial strength tape, adhesive grip pad or adhesive hook and loop tape (all included) to affix the SPOT Trace to your asset
  • The placement of your SPOT Trace can make a difference. For best reception, always mount the unit with the logo pointed towards the sky (the satellite antenna is located under the logo).
  • If using line power, ensure that the unit will be mounted close enough to a power source.
  • SPOT Trace is NOT waterproof when line powered unless using the custom USB cable (sold separately).
  • Experiment with mounting options to figure out what works best for your asset and your needs before permanently affixing it.
  • The device will transmit through fiberglass, fabric, and glass. Reception can be inhibited due to hills, buildings, metal roofs or other obstructions so it is normal that some messages may not go through.

NOTE: Before permanently affixing SPOT Trace to your asset, verify that the track point/location was received in your account at to ensure there are no physical barriers that may interfere with the GPS location acquisition or message transmission.

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