How does Trace tracking work?
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With SPOT Trace, you can track your asset in near real-time, providing a virtual breadcrumb trail of your asset's location. GPS locations will be sent on predetermined tracking intervals based on your selection in your SPOT Trace account. Get the most out of SPOT Trace and track every 2 ½ minutes with Extreme Tracking for maximum asset security. Additional service fees apply. Learn more at

A built-in vibration sensor sends GPS locations only when the asset is moving. When the device is stationary for more than five minutes, SPOT Trace will enter Suspended Track mode. SPOT Trace will automatically send a "Stop" message from the resting location at the next tracking interval. The next interval will be 2 ½, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes based on your tracking plan and interval selection. While at rest, SPOT Trace will not send GPS locations. Tracking will automatically resume after the vibration sensor has sensed movement. If no GPS location is found within 4 minutes, SPOT Trace will not send this particular waypoint and the GPS light will blink red. SPOT Trace will try to obtain your GPS coordinates again at your next scheduled tracking interval.

SPOT Trace's tracking options allow tracking messages to be sent every 2 ½, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes (depending on your plan and preference) for as long as your SPOT Trace is powered on or until the batteries run out.

To set your rate of tracking, sign in to your SPOT account at and choose 'view/edit'
SPOT Trace Features from the My SPOT Devices tab.

NOTE: Reconfiguration using SPOT Trace Updater is necessary after making changes to tracking intervals. (Click here for instructions on using the SPOT Device Updater.)

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