When should I use dock mode on the SPOT Trace?
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For assets stored on the water, where vibration would cause false tracking, enable Dock Mode to help eliminate tracks caused by waves while the boat is safely docked. When Dock Mode is enabled, Trace uses the vibration sensor and location to determine if track messages should be sent. Based on the assumption that a boat will be moving continuously when docked, Trace compares GPS readings to determine if the boat is actually changing locations. When a couple of GPS readings are the same, it will suspend Tracking. The device will continue to obtain readings from the GPS at whatever rate Tracking is set to (2 Ā½ min, 5 min etc.) When two readings are more than 200 meters apart, Tracking will resume. If the boat is stationary and motion is low enough that vibration is not detected, Tracking can also be suspended due to lack of movement.

NOTE: Reconfiguration using SPOT Trace Updater is necessary after making changes to tracking intervals. (Click here for instructions on using the SPOT Device Updater.)

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