What do the message indicators (blinking lights) mean on my SPOT Trace?
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When SPOT Trace is first powered on or with a quick press of the power button the GPS light notifies you whether or not SPOT Trace is able to see the GPS satellites and obtain a GPS location.

Green –The GPS light blinks green for 20 minutes if the unit sees the GPS satellites and is looking for/has found a GPS location.

Red – The GPS light blinks red for a short time if SPOT Trace cannot see the GPS satellites and / or cannot find a GPS location. If the GPS light blinks red, you should move your SPOT Trace to a location with a clearer view of the sky.

NOTE: Both lights will stop blinking after 20 minutes to be unnoticeable but the device will remain tracking and sending the GPS location.

GPS • Searching for GPS signal
• Message transmission schedule in progress
• GPS location fix failed; move SPOT TRACE to a new location
POWER • On • Low battery

NOTE: The GPS light will fast-blink green after a message transmission.

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