parrainez un ami - Conditions Générales
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1. Introduction
1.1       These terms and conditions for Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd.  (“SPOT”) Refer a Friend Promotion (the “Refer a Friend Promotion Terms”) accompany and are incorporated into the terms and conditions for Personal Tracking Products between SPOT and you (“General Terms”), which provide details of, amongst other things, the services, any optional services, service fees, the currency for payment by the Customer and other matters relating to the services. Unless otherwise defined in these General Terms, capitalised terms used in these Refer a Friend Promotion Terms shall have the meaning or description assigned to such terms in the General Terms.
1.2       The General Terms and Refer a Friend Promotion Terms shall together be referred to as the “Agreement”.

2. Refer a Friend Promotion
2.1       The promotion applies when an existing customer of SPOT (“Referring Customer”) refers another party to SPOT (“Referred Customer”) and the Referred Customer opens an account with SPOT. Both the Referred Customer and Referring Customer will then be entitled to a credit if they renew their service plan with SPOT the next time it comes up for renewal. (“Refer a Friend Promotion”).
2.2       The Refer a Friend Promotion shall run from December 03rd, 2014 to March 31st, 2015.
2.3       The Refer a Friend Promotion is not available to corporate or commercial customers.
2.4       The amount of the credit depends on the SPOT device and annual service plan purchased. The credit is not applied to your account immediately. The credit is applied to your account on renewal of your existing plan.
2.5       Unused service credits cannot be redeemed for cash and will be forfeited upon termination by you of your applicable service plan.
2.6       Credits can take up to six (6) weeks to be processed and posted to your account.
2.7       Prepaid cards for SPOT Global Phone are excluded from the Refer a Friend Promotion.
2.8       Offer applicable to referred customers who purchase and activate a SPOT Gen3 device only.
3. Credits for Referring Customer (if you are the Referring Customer the following Terms apply)
3.1       The credit for the Referring Customer will be calculated based upon the price of the service plan purchased by the Referred Customer.
3.2       The credit for the referring customer will be applied at the time of their next annual renewal.
3.3       The maximum credit a Referring Customer will be eligible for is 20% of the value of the Referring Customer’s existing service plan.
3.4       Limit of twenty (20) credits per Referring Customer. Each referred customer equals one (1) credit. If an existing customer refers twenty (20) new SPOT Gen3 customers, they will receive four (4) years free service from the date of their next service renewal.

4. Credits for Referred Customer (if you are the Referred Customer the following Terms apply)
4.1       The 20% credit for the Referred Customer will be applied to the first renewal of their annual service plan. It is not immediately applied to the newly purchased service plan.
4.2       If the customer pays for their annual service on a monthly payment schedule, the credits will be applied to the monthly payments at the beginning of the next annual term.

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