Facebook “General Error” when attempting to Link your SPOT
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If you are an Administrator of multiple Facebook pages, a "General Error" may occur when attempting to link your Spot messages to your Facebook account. This FAQ will show you how to remove yourself as an Administrator from Facebook.

  1. From the home page of your Facebook account, click on the title of "Your Pages". Or click on the down arrow located on the top right of the page and select the other page.
  2. Once you have opened your page, click on Settings.
  3. Next, click on Page Roles.
  4. In order to remove yourself as the Admin, you have to first add another person (must be a Facebook friend) to your Group. Type in their Facebook name or email after selecting the Add Another Person option.
  5. Once you have added the additional person to your page, click on their "Editor" drop down and select "Admin". Click Save. (Make sure to Save!).
    NOTE: Password will have to be entered to Save the changes.
  6. Once both administrators are showing in the account, delete yourself by clicking the "x" and saving.
  7. Log back into your SPOT account and attempt to relink your Facebook.
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