Why can't I enter my auth code?
Author:SPOT Web Team Article Reference #:AA-00647 Views:476 Date Added:2018-12-17 04:00 PM Last Updated:2018-12-18 07:33 AM 5 Rating/ 1 Voters
If you are not able to enter your auth code into the SPOT Device Updater we recommend you try the following:
•    Ensure you are using the cable that came with the SPOT device.
•    Try a different micro USB cable as some cables were created solely for charging devices, while other cables may have the required data lines (D+/D-).
•    Connect the micro USB cable directly to the computer - without using a USB hub.
•    Ensure that your computer is current with all OS updates.
•    Try using a different computer

If you continue to experience difficulty with your firmware update and sync, please contact us for support.
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