How do I create a share page?
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Creating a share page is an excellent way to share your messaging and tracking activity with family, friends, and colleagues.  Please note that your share page will only display SPOT messaging and tracking information moving forward from the time of its creation.

To create a share page, please follow the steps below:
•    From your SPOT Account, click on the Share tab.
•    Click on Create a Share Page.
•    Enter your Share Page Name.
•    Check the Device to Share with the SPOT you want to share data from.
•    Check the type of messages you would like to share.
•    Select the length of time you would like to share your messaging and tracking information.  The last 7 days is the max.
•    Select whether you would like to share the details of your messages in the share page or not. (do you want an info balloon to open when a point is selected on the share page)
•    Select whether you want your share page to be public or private.
•    You may have a public share page, which will allow anyone who has the link access to your SPOT activity.  Or, you may device to have a private share page, which requires a password to access.
•    You may click Create to simply create your share page or you may choose to send your share page link to your family, friends, and/or colleagues by using the notify option.

•    If you would like to send your share page link to your family, friends, and/or colleagues, select the checkbox at the bottom of the page and the web page will expand to display an email form.
•    You may opt to send a copy of this email to yourself.
•    In the To: field, you may enter up to 50 email addresses.  If entering multiple email addresses, separate each address with a comma - do not use a space in this field.
•    You may change the subject line in the subject field.
•    You may change the body of the email by changing the text in the Write your email field.  The link for your share page will automatically be added to the bottom of your message.
•    Select Send to create your share page
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