How do I create a SPOT Adventure?
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SPOT Adventures allows you to share your SPOT tracks on a detailed map, add photos, video, and stories with everyone online!

To get started, please visit and login to your account using the same credentials as your SPOT MyAccount.

Upon your first login you will have to create a new profile.  You may have multiple profiles based on how you use your SPOT device.

After creating your profile you will be able to create adventures that will display your SPOT activity.  Click on Create Adventure and enter the requested information.  You may either import messages directly from your SPOT account by clicking Get Messages or you may import your SPOT activity from a file.  After importing your SPOT activity, you have the option to add waypoints, draw tracks, etc.

To import messages directly from your SPOT account select Get Messages, select your device, then select the start and end dates, click on Get Messages. Then screen will refresh to show what messages can be imported to your adventure and you may select which messages to import to your adventure.  When you are ready to import you may enter a name for the track, then select Add Messages.

To import messages from a file, which is backed up from your SPOT account, select Import Track, choose the backup file, then click Import File.

After you have finished the Map Your Route section by importing your SPOT activity, you may proceed to the Add Details sections.  You will be able to add additional information such as your adventure story, trip tips, and specifying your activity.  You also have the option to select Add Photos/Videos.  Don't forget to select Save!
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