I sent a message from my SPOT and have already received it, why is my device still transmitting?
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SPOT devices are not able to confirm successful delivery of messages.  In everyday conditions it is expected for some messages to be blocked by environmental factors (trees, buildings, hills, etc).  Messages sent from your device will send multiple times in a set schedule based on the message type.  This messaging protocol, or cycle, ensures that your message has the best opportunity to be sent and received.

If a Check-in/Ok or Custom message is sent and the first transmission of the message is received, it will process message and notify your contact list.  Subsequent messages that are received will not be processed.  For more information regarding different priority messages and the corresponding messaging schedules, please see the section below.

Messaging cycles:

•    Check-in/Ok and Custom: Acquires your GPS coordinates and sends 3 messages n a 20 minute period.
•    Help: Sends a message every 5 minutes with updated GPS coordinates for 60 minutes, unless the Help message is cancelled or the device is turned off.
•    SOS: Sends a message every 5 minutes with updated GPS coordinates until the batteries are depleted, the SOS message is cancelled, or the device is powered off.  Please note: If the SOS messaging mode is initiated, turning off your device does not cancel the SOS request.  For more information, click here.

If you are able to confirm delivery via email or SMS notification, you may elect to turn off your device.  However, if you are outside of cellular/data range, we strongly recommend that you allow the message cycle to complete.
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