Create an Account and Activate your SPOT Device
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To activate your new SPOT device, please visit and select Activate Now!

On the activation page you will have the option to create a new account (for new SPOT users) or you may login to your existing SPOT account.  If you already have a SPOT account and you wish to activate a new device, please click here.

  • Click Begin Activation

The first page will guide you through the creation of your SPOT account and will request your device information.  Please note: The ESN and auth code of your device may be found in the battery compartment beneath the batteries

  • Enter your account information and your device information, then select Next.

You may choose to register your device for personal use or register a business account.

  • Enter your contact information, then select Next.

  • Select your payment option, choose any additional services, then select Next.
    • For information on our additional services, please click here.

  • Enter your emergency contacts.
    • You may include additional information that first responders should know about you in the event that emergency medical services are provided in an emergency situation.

  • Enter your payment information.

  • Review and accept the terms and conditions, then select Next.

  • Select Submit Payment

Congratulations!  You have successfully activated your SPOT device and created your SPOT account.

Common Issues

Error entering account information – I’m receiving an error preventing me from going to the next step!

  • It is possible that you are attempting to register a username that has already been taken, please try again with a unique username.  Don’t worry!  You can change it after finishing the activation.

ESN invalid or auth code doesn’t match

  • Please double check your ESN and auth code.  If the ESN/auth code is illegible or has been removed from the device battery compartment, please contact Customer Care.  We’ll be happy to provide support to get you up and running!

Emergency contact error

  • For safety purposes, your emergency contact info cannot be the same as your account information.  Please use a secondary number for your emergency contact.  This information can also be changed after the activation of your account.

Payment submission failed

  • Please ensure that the billing address, payment card info, and the terms & conditions have been accepted before submitting payment.  You may want to inquire with your financial institution if there has been any hold on your card. 

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