Activate a Device on an Existing Account
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Activate a new device on an existing SPOT account:

If you already have a SPOT account, you may activate your device by following the steps below.  If you do not have an account and wish to activate, please click here

  • Login to your SPOT Account

  • From the My Devices page, select Add New SPOT Device near the top of the page

  • Enter the device details in the available fields.
    The ESN and auth code of your device may be found in the battery compartment beneath the batteries.

  • Enter the ESN and authentication code of the new device, then select Next.

  • Select your Payment Option, choose any additional services, then select Next
    • For information on our additional services, please click here.

  • Review and accept the terms and conditions, then select Next

  • Select Submit Payment

Congratulations!  You have successfully activated your SPOT device on your account!

Common Issues

Invalid ESN or authorization code

  • Please double check the ESN and auth code of both your existing device and the device you wish to upgrade to.  If the ESN/auth code is illegible or has been removed from the battery compartment, please contact Customer Support.
  • If you are looking to add additional service after your activation, please click here.

Payment submission failed

  • Please ensure that your payment information is current.  To check your payment information, please click on Settings & Billing, then Credit Card Information.  For help updating your information, you may click here.

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