SOS Emergency Contacts
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When you activated your first SPOT device you provided emergency contacts for the SOS feature.  These contacts were stored in your default message profile.  If you activated additional devices, the new device will use the same contacts as they are configured on the available message profile.  For more information on message profiles, please click here.

Should you request emergency search and rescue services by using the SOS feature on your SPOT device, GEOS will call your emergency contacts to ask for pertinent details such as your itinerary, planned route, or other identifiers.  This information will help GEOS in working with local authorities to evaluate the appropriate response team needed.

To view/change your emergency contacts:

  • Login to your SPOT account.

  • Select View/Edit to access Device Settings.

  • On the Device Settings page, scroll down to Message Profiles, then select S.O.S.

  • Your Emergency Contacts are located at the bottom of the page.

  • After updating/confirming your contacts, please remember to click Save.

We recommend communicating with your contacts and providing them your plans or itinerary for upcoming trips.

Common Issues

Contacts are not saving

  • Your emergency contact phone numbers must be different from the contact information saved to your SPOT account

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