SPOT Gen 3 and SMS Messaging
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The SPOT Gen 3 offers the option to send messages to mobile phones.  Mobile contacts may be configured in your SPOT account by accessing your device settings, then viewing the configuration of your check-in/ok, custom, and/or help messages.

To configure a mobile contact for SMS delivery:

  • From the device settings page of your device, select the message type from the Message Profiles section.  For example, Check In.

  • Select Add Mobile Number

  • Select the Wireless Carrier of the mobile contact

  • Enter the 10-digit mobile phone number, then click OK
    • You will notice that the new contact will be displayed in your list.  It will automatically be configured for use for the selected carrier’s SMS gateway
    • Please remember to verify the message sent and the rest of your contact list.

  • Click Save.

Wireless carriers that are not listed may be configured by selecting -NOT LISTED- option in the wireless carrier field.  This requires the mobile number and the correct domain for the carrier’s SMS gateway are entered.  If an SMS gateway is not available or is not entered correctly, the message will NOT be routed to the mobile subscriber.


Common Questions and Issues

I do not know the wireless carrier for one or more of my mobile contacts

  • We recommend contacting the individual to ensure that their mobile contact information is configured correctly in your message profile.

The wireless carrier for one or more of my contacts is not listed.

  • Please be aware that SMS gateway services are not offered by every wireless carrier.  We recommend inquiring with the service provider for availability of their SMS gateway. 

I’m not receiving SMS messages, but I’ve configured my mobile number correctly

  • Please ensure that there are no settings or third-party applications that are preventing delivery to your mobile device.
  • Check your wireless account settings to ensure that messages that are sent to your device, via the SMS gateway, are not blocked.
  • Ensure that your device has sufficient cellular coverage to receive SMS messages.
  • If you still require support, please contact SPOT Customer Relations for assistance.


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